About Us

Established in 2022 out of a love for cool old stuff and knowing that life is too short to not give it a go.... I decided to step away from a career in construction working on high-end residential, commercial, municipal, state and medical projects to chase this opportunity. 

Originally from the East coast I grew up walking or bicycling a dirt road over two miles whenever possible to our local General Store/Post Office to buy penny candies, ice creams or sodas. Fishing a nickel out of the floor grates or between a floorboard while the proprietor watched in humor. That is most definitely where my love for all things "General Store" began.

Fast forward to more recent times when I lost a beloved pet and needed a distraction. I began going to out to hunt antiques wherever they could be found and realized I loved the finding, the learning and the sharing. I knew I wanted to do this for the rest of the time I was given. 

What do I love - Advertising, Apothecary, Architectural Salvage, Automobilia (Yes I'll get out of the A's) General Store, Old Toys, Tether Cars, Steam Engines, Industrial, Pottery, Coin-Op, Lanterns, Gas & Oil, and on and on .......... TRULY!!!!

My hope is that I have found something dear to you and listed it in my store. Something that triggers a memory, or an emotion and that it can be united with a new steward to look after it for a spell.

I hope to meet people who share the love for preserving some of the pieces of the past and I hope to be able to pass along what I have collected and cherished to the next generations.

Let's start today. Reach out today. Whether it's to buy, to sell or to just share some stories and information. I'd love to hear from you if you're into that kind of thing.